Spy Post Reflection

Posted on 16/02/2011


“We just expect you to be awesome and blow our minds,” the words that came out of Skylar Pappas’ mouth that I could not just forget. It gave me a sense on how their work is like. Some of the employees mentioned their job is primarily work but they have fun with it. It was just how I predicted it would be like, hectic and productive yet fun. This was also because the place looked homey. They had a dinner table and food available for all their employees to take. One of the employees said they had breakfast together one time and that they’re just like a big family. This really interests me because it made the place much more fun to work at. It didn’t seem like a typical work place with the typical worker who has their own cubicle, who goes to lunch, work on all his or her projects, go home, and then come back and does the same routine everyday.

During my visit, I had an “AHA” moment, where I realized all the jobs, the careers, anything that has to do in the multimedia field is something I might consider doing in the future. I remember asking one of the employees about an advice they would give me if I want a job like theirs and they said, “Do as may things as different things as possible, find things that you like, sometimes it’ll find you. Be open-minded into learning and experiencing new things. Even if someone just wants you to get coffee or their lunch.” These three sentence advice opened up my mind into doing a lot of things and experiencing the different careers in that field. Although, it wasn’t just the jobs and projects the employees did that interest me but it was the work place as well. The place was designed to be “homey” or like a hotel, which was fascinating because they were all about work but yet, it seemed really comfy to be in a place like that. Darren said their goal was to make their clients feel comfortable, which I think they’re doing a great job on. Overall, this visit was the best Career Exploration Visit I ever went on because not only did I learn more about the field in Multimedia but it gave me a sense on a future career I would want to do.


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