Thankful Week Day 7: November 26, 2010

Posted on 27/11/2010


Hi there. Today, just like my latest posts, I’ve thanking certain people that made an impact in my life and that’s what I’m going to do because they deserve to have my posts dedicated to them. Here goes the people I’m thankful for:

Danny Le, this smart, friendly, nice, talkative asian. Why am I thankful for this guy? Well, this guy is like my brother, first of all. Not only does he help me with my school work but he helps me with my boy drama. Yes, I probably talked about my boy problems to all my friends but it’s so nice to have a guy’s point of view on things. This brother of mine is usually the person that makes me realize things a girl wouldn’t know. My only message to this guy is to always believe in himself! He’s the most, trusting, nice, great person I know and sometimes he just needs a little boost to know that. He doesn’t know how amazing he is specially for always taking a little time away from his busy life to help me out. I’m very grateful and thankful to have a brother like him in my life.

Marilyn Escano, this short girl that can sure eat for days! This amazing woman that I love so much. This girl that would always be there whenever I needer her because I was having problems  or when I just want to hang out. Not only is she so caring but she’s super nice and sweet. She’s the nicest girl I know! She’s so giving. I love this girl because she’s always there for me. Even though we don’t talk as much, I know she’s always going to be there for me no matter what happens. That’s why I’m so thankful for her because she’s an amazing kind-hearted friend. ❤

I’m also thankful for the other friends I have in my life. The people I don’t talk to as much. Everyone who came in my life made and impact on me whether it was good or bad. They helped me get through where I am now. So I thank everyone for being a part of my life whether if it was for a short period of time. ❤

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