Thankful Week Day 6: November 25,2010

Posted on 25/11/2010


Good afternoon! Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to eat some turkey, yams, and other dishes that’s going to be on the table! Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for something or someone. It’s an event that was called ‘Franksgiving’? I’m not quite sure. But I heard that some people celebrate it on the 15th or the 25th. Anyway, I believe this event is about spending some time with your loved ones and to be thankful for all the blessings in your life. Today, I am thankful for the people who made a huge impact in my life, my family. Here they are:

MY PARENTS: Yeah sure they get on my nerves, they’re too strict, overprotective, and they don’t understand. These are my complaints to them everyday. But I question myself, do they ever complain about their daughter who’s a disrespectful, rude brat? No, they don’t. Why? Because I know deep in their irritated hearts (thanks to me), they truly love me. I’m thankful for them because not only did they give me the best present anyone could ask for, a life, but after all my rebel attitude, they still love me. Thank you mommy and daddy! ❤

MY BROTHER: MWAHAHA. Even though I barely talk to my own brother, I’m thankful for him. He’s basically the guy that saves me from troubles. He’ll keep his mouth shut so I’m pretty sure he’s a trustable guy. We’ve been through all that brother sister years. We fought until someone bled, yelled, or cried. Yeah, we were pretty violent with each other when we were younger. Now, would you look at us, we’re all mature (maybe not all the way) and we don’t fight. Not even argue. I guess we’re tired of fighting and we realized there’s no point of fighting. Specially hurting each other. So thanks brotha for all the times we shared! (AWWW!) lol.

MY COUSINS: Oh man, my cousins. The crazy, karaoke/rock band lovers? The cousins that are always going to be there for me no matter what happens? Yes, I’m very thankful for them. They’re not only my entertainment every time I see them but they’re there if I just need someone to talk to about my problems. They’re the people who loves to see me succeed and support me on my academics. They’re my role models. Thank you guys!

MY GRANPARENTS: I’m thankful for my grandparents for giving life to my parents. I might not have seen or met all of you, I’m still thankful. I wish I would of spent some time with my grandma ‘Inang’ before she passed away this summer. Sorry Inang for not being there the last 5 years. I love my grandparents and I always wish that I got the chance to spend some time with them. ❤ Love you grandma and grandpas.

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