Thankful Week Day 5: November 24, 2010

Posted on 24/11/2010


Just like my recent post, this post is going to be similar. Another post about girlfriends.

BAD? We BAD? No, it’s just our initials. Britanny Anna Dezsiree. We once have called each other best friends. We were all about our newly formed BAD click. No one else but us three. These girls made such difference in my life, either it was good or bad. We might not be close as we were in 8th grade, but people grow up, things change and sometimes, you just can’t do anything about it. We all met the same year and we just loved being together. I actually thought we were a ‘cool’ group because we were called BAD, like we were rebels but we were angels! Britanny, I met this girl through Dezsiree. It wasn’t instant connection but as we started hanging out and getting to know each other, it was like, chemistry! She was weird in her own way and I was too. She understood all my problems and gave me the best advice whether it was about boys, school, or my family. She just knows what to say, I guess she could be Dr. Phil to me. I had so much memories with this girl, from talking about all the planets in the world to a very serious topic. We loved getting deep into our conversation. We explored all the topics there was. We would make funny dancing or got milk videos, sleepover each other’s house, and wear all the accessories in the world just to take pictures. I did so much with this girl, and I’m pretty sure I have pictures for all our memories because she was the camera girl who would always have a camera handy. I can honestly say, she was there for me when I needed her. Dezsiree, I met this girl on the first day of school. I went up to her and asked her if she was new. I guess from there it was instant connection. I remember our long talks on the phone and AIM (instant messaging each other constantly). Our moms actually met on the first day of school and they told each other to tell their daughters to be friends with each other. I was like “mom, I just met her today!”, I thought it was a funny coincidence. We would always talk about boys, and we’re there for each other if our boyfriends just broke our heart or our new crushes. We shared personal interests. To this day, I can say she’s still willing to listen to all my problems and complaints. I know we’re not as close but maybe someday it will happen. It’s like one of those relationships where you just have to let go and if it was meant to be, if our friendship is meant to be, then it will happen. It might not be now, tomorrow or in a year (who knows), but it will happen if we were meant to be in each others lives.

Now, (DUN DUN DUN) here’s BAD:

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