Thankful Week Day 4: November 23, 2010

Posted on 23/11/2010


Hello. Today, my post is going to be about how I’m thankful I am to have such amazing girlfriends.

I’m thankful for these ladies because they all have made an impact in my life. We all had different cliques before we formed our own. Ashley, I met this girl in 6th grade. She was actually the first girl I met out of all the girls. I knew of her, probably said ‘hello’ to her once in a while. She’s actually the ‘slow one’ in the clique but I love this chick because we just click when we’re together. She’s the chicken to my potato. Elia, oh man, I’m not sure how I met her but I think me meeting her had to do something with everyone at school thinking we’re twins. So I told myself, “oh, I just have to meet this ‘twin’ of mine.” I’m not sure if we got along at first because she was more of the feisty, tell you the truth type of chica and I was the shy, friendly girl. I know we started to get close during 7th grade and we just started doing things together, like, shopping (we dressed like twins for twin day), talking about our problems, and etc. I clicked with her because maybe we had that ‘twin’ connection. Natalie, I’m not sure how I met this girl either but she was so easy to get along with. She’s actually the funny one in the group. She will just make you laugh but if you pushed her the wrong way, oh, she will be up in your face. This girl is very sweet, she’s always there to listen to me and to just hang out even for few hours before she goes to work. Even though we basically all have different lives and new friends, we still find a way to be reconnected once in a while. I’m so thankful for my girls because they’re my take me out of reality coupon because they just always want to have fun and I enjoy that, dearly. ❤

Here are my fairfield girlfriends Natalie, Elia, and Ashley:

This was the start of our yearly reunion group picture.


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