Thankful Week Day 2: November 21, 2010

Posted on 21/11/2010


Good night, readers. Is it okay to actually say good night as a form of hello? Since it is night time and all.. Anyway, today I stepped out of the house to get soem fresh air. And my oh my it was darn cold. What have I been doing on my break? Stay home, watch television, and maybe some homework. Are you wondering what I’m thankful for today? Either you are or not, I’m going to tell you because that’s the point of this post. Today, I’m thankful for technology or electronic devices because it’s a way to have entertainment right in front of your eyes or two feet away. It’s not only for entertainment it’s also for communication. A way to have a conversation with someone who could be 10,000 miles away. What about seeing people who lives in another country. Thanks to computers with webcams, this is possible! So even if you moved, you still get to see your loved ones. Cheer up a little! 🙂 It can also give you a free tune out the world coupon. Know what I’m saying? Maybe? No? Well, for those of you who have mp3 players, then you can tune out the world by just putting on those headphones and rocking out to your favorite band (like no one’s watching) or getting your thoughts together (thinking about what to do with the guy/girl that broke your heart).  This is why I’m so thankful for the people that created these devices! Without any of these, I would be a school addict. =P

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