Thankful Week Day 1: November 20, 2010

Posted on 21/11/2010


Hello there, readers. What are you thankful for on this cold, dark Saturday? I am thankful for having a place to live in. Tonight, I heard two thunders, maybe even more. The rain is pouring hard. It is so dark and it is only 6:35 PM. Could you imagine homeless people in this crazy weather? It makes me so sad just thinking about it. It breaks my heart to think that at times like this, they’re out there looking for money or a little shade to go under. This is why I’m thankful for having a home. Not everyone in the world can have a place they call ‘home’. I’ve had a lot of homes, I moved here and there but I’m so thankful to always have a home. Even if it’s my first home, home number two, or three. “There’s no place like home.” ❤

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