A little silent movie..

Posted on 21/10/2010


If you’d like to see my movie, please click the link below:


This movie is about two art work thieves who stole the most expensive art work in the museum (a paper with pledges in the cafeteria, to be exact). It was around noon when they met up and snuck into the museum. What they didn’t know is that there’s an alarm at the exit. Also, there’s a police woman watching the museum. Right when they opened the door, the alarm went off. Then there goes the police woman chasing the two thieves. As the thieves ran away from the cop, she (the cop), tripped on an apple. (I know you’re wondering how can someone trip on an apple? Are you crazy?) So the two thieves laughed and watched the cop as she sprained her ankle (tear, tear). The two art work stealers then got away happily ever after. The villains win here, it’s not the typical “superhero saves the day!”.

The cast: Jaime Ruiz & DJ Lapuz (the stealers) Anna Moscoso (police woman)

Director: Jaime Ruiz

Camera woman: Jasmin Dongallo (with the help of Anna Moscoso & Jaime Ruiz)

Song edited by: Anna Moscoso

Thank you to the A team!

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