Legacy of Imperialism Competition

Posted on 04/06/2010


The morning of the competition I felt excited, irritated, but mostly nervous. I drank two red bulls because I wanted to feel energetic, alive, and awake. Did you know, I cried twice? Or actually teared up a little. The first time was because I was so irritated that someone (ahem Eddie*) took my red bull. Yes, that red bull got to me. The second time I cried was because I was so proud of my team and all my nervous feelings went away. Yes, I pulled a Nina.. Lol. I didn’t think my group was going to get funded but right when the jude said “By the looks of your faces, it looks like you guys really believe that this is going to happen.” I was like all smiles in my head. Then that’s when it got to me. I was like I WANT TO WIN!! Although, I still didn’t think we would win because I don’t believe in myself. But anyway, I was so nervous that I didn’t know how the rest of our presentation was. But I think we did good. My group did amazing. I should of believed in them more than I did. So right after presentation, we had a group hug. Awww! 🙂 so, I’m just really happy that imperialism is over and I’m happy that we got funded. Thank you Randy, Trang, and my group for all the help! A year to remember! 🙂

Quatasia and I! 🙂

Dezsiree, Britanny, and my fat face ;(

my  group is awesome! 

I look really weird in this but I find it hilarious!

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