Posted on 12/05/2010


The poem that presents the most memorable and effective treatment of the subject of love is the “Three Japanese Tanka” by Ono Komachi because it shows her love towards the man no matter what happened. The poem shows her emotions towards the man she loves. The imagery of the poem shows how empty and hurt she feels on the inside. As much as she loves the man, she’s hurting a lot because the man probably left and went somewhere without saying goodbye or any word.

The “Three Japanese Tanka” is the most effective love poem because it shows how much love she has for the man even if he doesn’t feel the same and by her just catching a glimpse of the man can make her love deeper even if it hurts her. In lines 6 and 7, “Since my heart placed me on board your drifting ship”, talks about how the man has her heart but he’s going away and now she feels empty and sad. The man just took her heart without even really noticing since he probably does not know how hurt she is. She’s also reminiscing about the past when they loved each other but now, it seems like he can go on with his day without looking at her and not feeling that the love is not there anymore. Just like in lines 1-3, “Should the word love end in darkness without our glimpsing.”

Basically, this poem is the subject of love because as much as she’s going through a tough and hard time, she still cares about the man because she loved him. As much as she’s hurt and as much as she doesn’t feel anything, she still wants to see or maybe even be with him, “…like this stalk of grain into the autumn wind”, it’s herself, her heart, going away. She’s sad, lonely, and doesn’t feel anything inside of her but love. She’s probably broken hearted since she feels emptiness inside but love, she knows she loves the man as much as she’s hurting badly.

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