Posted on 19/04/2010


My visit to KTVU was fun and interesting. KTVU is not only a station that shows news but they also show TV shows and commercials. One of the companies affiliated with KTVU is FOX. Even though they are affiliated with a company, does not mean they are affiliated with a company, does not mean they are also controlled by this company. KTVU controls its own channel but they show other shows and FOX promos.

During the visit to KTVU, I expected it to be a big studio with tons of people. i thought it was going to be a crowded place but instead, it was quite empty as if only about ten people were in the building. What surprised me the most was how fascinating it was to be in a television station. Not only did my fellow classmates and I have the opportunity to meet some amazing stuff such as Tori Campbell, Steve Paulson, and Rosy Chu, but we also got the chance to watch them live. Also, I was fascinated by how Steve Paulson did not have a script to read, he had to memorize it.

From the stories and the experiences the staff shared, I learned that the skills they have can not only be used by working at a TV station, but it can be used with other jobs as well. By visiting and learning more about KTVU, I realized there are a lot of different opportunities to work at just like starting out as an intern. When I was at the station, I thought about maybe working for a company like them someday. It also made me realize, I always need to be focused on school work, stay in DSA, and get into college so I can use my skills to get a job like theirs someday. Overall, it was a trip to remember and I was very amused by all the people in their station.

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