UC Berkeley Reflective Essay

Posted on 04/03/2010


From students tanning out in the sun to the littlest bear in the hole of the building, UC Berkeley was quite a fascinating school. Everyone in the school seemed so active, friendly, and hardworking. One thing I found interesting was how the school was established in 1868. Also, one of the buildings came from England and was brought to Berkeley which is really interesting. Throughout the tour, I learned what the campus was like, how the classes were, and how many students attend the school.

During my college visit to UC Berkeley, I expected it to be a big campus with classes ten times harder than high school classes. I learned that there could be 800 students in one class. There are also classes that can be taught by not just professors but with grad students as well. I realized some classes may be hard, but there are other classes that could possibly be fun too. For example, along with the normal school classes, there were  cooking classes and Harry Potter classes. How many classes a student takes depends on how many credits you need.

What surprised me the most was how much freedom the students get. When we were at Berkeley, there were so many students hanging out in the quad area to promote a club or to fundraises for things. It amused me how there were so many things out of class students could do, such as promoting a concert or being able to take a free dance class and more. Another thing that surprised me was the books located under the steps of one of the buildings. Not only do they have ten million books and twenty-seven libraries but there were books underground. All in all, UC Berkeley was an interesting and often odd experience, one that I’ll remember wen it comes times to go to college. While I don’t really see myself going there because I don’t know what college I want to go to yet, UC Berkeley seem like a fun place to learn.

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