HOOF video

Posted on 29/01/2010



For some reason, I felt the need to describe this post. This is a video about my mom that I did for our HOOF projects. It may not be one of the best videos, but what really mattered to me was telling the story of my mom (and of course the pictures!) I guess I didn’t take my time to edit it made it better but at least I finished. Anyway, why is this about mom? Well because, she means the world to me even though I may have a funny/weird way of showing it. My mom gave up a lot for us, because she loves us and cares about us dearly. And I can say, she’s the most giving and caring woman in the world. Recently, we just had a big loss in our family. My uncle passed away (he’s the oldest child mentioned in my video) My mom definitely took it hard, and she’s still in that stage. I woke up to her crying really loud asking “why?” and my cousins phone call to give her some water. And you know what’s so strange about it? I didn’t know how to comfort my mom..at all. So I just sat there next to her and just being there for her. My family and I have been going through some rough times ever since, and then we heard this.. This is very hard for my mum and it breaks my heart to see her go through this. It sucks that my family is so far apart from each other, but I know, we know, we love each other very much. Sorry for going off topic, but I just needed to express my feelings. Enjoy your day.

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