First Semester Reflection

Posted on 29/01/2010


First semester, what can I say, it was quite fun, interesting, and stressful. It was pretty fun because we got to learn a lot of cool things such as: Photoshop, Graphic Designing, Photography, HOOF, and currently learning Bryce.

Learning photoshop was amusing because there was so much new things to learn such as making an ugly picture appear newer and nicer. One of the things I enjoyed on photoshop was editing the pictures we took. Which leads me to my next topic: Photography. Photography was probably one of the things I really liked because we learned good skills on how to take a ‘good picture’ and how to turn a good picture into a GREAT picture. The other thing we learned was the Graphic Design, which was okay, I guess I could of done better on the Triptych but I tend to be a slacker and a very lazy person so I didn’t put much effort on it. But I liked doing our ‘I Am From’ poems and making our Album cover. Oh boy,  here we go with the HOOF projects. Honestly, I don’t really like my video because I didn’t take the time to edit all of them though, presenting it was really fun. Now, we’re using Bryce and learning how to build things in a 3D version type of thing. I kind of like Bryce but it’s still new to me so it’s not as enjoyable as I would like, yet.

Overall, first semester was a not so good semester for me because I believed I didn’t try hard enough and I could of done better but I did enjoy this first semester and hope to learn more things next semester! 🙂

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