Flickr pt. 2

Posted on 02/12/2009


So one of the few images I took, I don’t really like it but I had nothing else to use.. For this I just used the curves thing.. I wanted to make it brighter and shhhtuff.

So the first image I edited, kind of like. It would of been better if there was actually some motion going on in the back.. I just used the blur thingy thing and made him clear and not blurry.. I used the contrast and brightness too.

I just used the curves thing for this and sharpened it a little. I kind of like this picture.. I have too much pictures of Gurpreet..ahha

As you can see, I’m missing one picture.. Well I didn’t know what else to edit plus I didn’t really take as much pictures. For some reason, just missing those few days about going over the pictures we took and telling us how to take good pictures made me feel like I missed a whole lot! So when I came back and all I could say was “how do I take a good picture?” like for some reason I had no idea. HOW SAD. Credits to my group for taking those pictures I didn’t take above! But feel free to look at the original sizes at my flickr: Naners’ Flickr

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