Posted on 18/11/2009


November 17, 2009

Just the second day of the week and I’m already thankful for something! YAY! I am thankful for my father because he waited outside the school for two hours even though there was a lockdown situation going on. I wanted him to go home because it may have not been safe for him to be waiting outside.. But he still did and that was really nice of my dad because my mom and dad were worried and they were texting us during the wait. Plus he said he got interviewed! Haha, okay thanks to my daddy-0! Ta ta!

November 18, 2009

Today is..Miercoles! For today, I am thankful for emails, printers, internet, and all technology thingy things. So why am I thankful for these things? Because, I had to print something yesterday but my printer was not working so then I used the DSA printer. Also, without the internet I wouldn’t have been able to attach my documents to my email. So thank you technology! I wouldn’t know what I would do without you!!

November 19,2009

Boo Thursday! I am thankful for Britanny Castillo. So why Britanny? Well because, she’s currently keeping me company right now.. And when me and Britanny are together, we’d talk about just EVERYTHING! Everything I tell you, EVERYTHING!! Like 2012! Dun dun dun! Also, we’re about to go to a PTSA meeting, and we need to walk there plus it’s dark! I’m also thankful for her dogs Pikachu and Bella because they’re wonderfully adorably cute! Okay yay for Britsky!

November 21, 2009

Before it turns midnight, I got to do this!! I’ll be Cinderella for the night..oh no! Alrighty, I, Anna Moscoso is very thankful for my mother. I honestly don’t give my mom enough credit for everything she has done for me.. We may not be close as I’d want us to be but I still love her oh so much! I’m very thankful for my mom because she always just wants the best for me. We may have been through a lot of rough times, but I’m working on it. Basically, she’s been there since I was born and she hasn’t given up on me even though I can be bratty. I love you madre! And….my mother makes the best food ever! Just ask some of my friends cause they’d always want some! Haha.

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