Posted on 27/10/2009


Walking Music

Presenting music number 1! walking music! It’s kind of up beat at first and then it kind of dies down a little like something amazing happened all of a sudden! Like Daniel said, it’s like a person was walking down the street and suddenly, that person found a quarter! So then he jumped up and down like YAAAAAY! This one was actually part of the first one I did, from the Garage Band day..then I sort of liked it and just added some beat to it.. YAY!

Run! Run! Mrs. Paul has a gun!

So for music number’s about Mrs. Paul being so crazy cause she’s going to hunt us OH NO!!! I’m running for my life! I think I put a scream in the end? I’m not sure.. Kind of forgot. But you would hear this at Run! Run! Mrs. Paul has a gun! movie!! It comes out next month, on Thanksgiving! Mrs. Paul was so mad at the fact that her Turkey wasn’t big enough so she chased me with a water gun!! It’ll be shown at Brenden Theater for a month, you shall watch it!

I l o v e  l o v e  l o v e you!

I kind of don’t like this as much..but hope you kinda sorta like it, at least just a little! It’s suppose to be in a movie also.. A girl was baywatch walking to this guy because she just seen the love of her life! YAY!

Lalalalove pt.2!

Yayayaya! So like let’s say this one boy really loved this girl..right? And then let’s say he got his heartbroken and he played with some instruments to express his feelings.. 😦 sad right!!

Macaroni Art 🙂

Mommy put my macaroni art on the fridge please! So when you listen to this, you’ll hear the kids go “Ahhhh!” like they were so amazed by my macaroni art!! 😉 I wanted to make it so kiddyish happy theme song! So enjoy kiddos!

School Stinks!!

Title describes it! Haha just kidding. But honestly, it’s sucky at times.. And it apparently stinks! Yay!

School Stinks..again?

Well this was actually the original one but then I didn’t know what else to add to it so then I decided to do something else and just mix some beats up.. But yeah, I like this one as well!

Overall, I had fun doing this! I would so re-do some of these though..


Jeopardy Song!

RAAAANDY! Have you seen our present yet!!!? Jeopardy’s waaaaiting! HURRRRRRY! Time’s ticking!

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