Where are you from pt.2!

Posted on 20/10/2009



WOOHOO! I am so happy that I finished this! I’ve been lagging on most of the assignments, though I still try to finish them. It may or may not look crappy but I put effort into it! Don’t criticize it TOO much, just a little is acceptable 🙂 Mmkay, so, my background picture of some city and the walking picture wasn’t even suppose to be a part of it.. But when I was in a search for a “cross” those showed up. So I was like “heey! It’s pretty, I’ll take it!” then it started from there. I know that it kind of doesn’t really represent my poem so then I added the Philippines flag to it.. I did a lot of masking, blending etc. But if you can’t read my poem, zoom it please! And it goes from left – right. I guess my picture says, this is what I want in the future.. Me walking in a big pretty city but still knowing where I came from and always looking up to God.. And my family? Even though they’re not in this one, they’re still in my heart. I describe my picture too much. Ohwells, byebye!


Woohoo! I changed the font thingy.. Hope you can read it better! I just went to the Layer style and from there I clicked on the ones that would look nice on it.. There’s something that I kinda deleted there, but let’s see if you actually notice! Okay ta ta!

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