Yesterday, me, tomorrow..

Posted on 15/10/2009



Woo! I finally finished my triptych..? Yeeah, it kinda took me a while to finish this but I still finished! It may not look as lovely but hey, I tried! Okay, so for this first picture/s..the one on all the way to the left, is suppose to represent the past or as you can see MY past. I decided to put a baby picture of me and my brother (Nueva Ecija, Philippines) because the background is so prettyful! Agree? And also, I put in a tricycle and the Philippines because it represented my past when I was still in the Philippines. Ooh! Plus tweety bird cause I loved HIM! For that process, I mostly just pasted pictures on top of pictures and blended it in. And now, my “ME”..the cross represents my love for God πŸ™‚ and Tinkerbell is currently my favorite right now.. Same process here too. So for “Tomorrow” I put in the alien from futurama, I believe we’ll all be friends with every creature! πŸ˜‰ the earth is just there just cause.. I basically same process but took me forever cause I didn’t know what pictures to put.. Ta ta!

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