I am from..

Posted on 08/10/2009



I am from a far away land

From the place with 7, 107 islands

With the seas and oceans all around

I am from the tree

Fallen and laying on the ground

Cause the wind blew me down

I am the shadow of your smile

The apple of your eye

Seen from half a mile

You know it’s not a lie

I am my parents’ pride

Because they’re always proud,

That they got a little girl so bright

Who always tried

I am from Adobo and Afritada

With Red Ribbon’s ensaymada

So sweet and so tasty

Gives me the feeling of happy

Cause I’m always hungry

I am from malls and stores

Buying all the goods I’ve been looking for

But still I’m doing great in school

That’s what mama is always asking for

And tells me I am what I am

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