Album cover..

Posted on 08/10/2009



“If I could fall, into the sky.. Do you think time will pass me by?” first album! DUN DUN DUN! It is currently $14.95, buy it on eTunes! And make it number 1! 🙂 okay, the process of doing my album cover is kind of fun and easy.. I actually liked doing this because I had fun doing it. I kind of basically took the background pictures from google images and flickr. CREDITS to them! And thanks to Daniel for my ‘walking picture’. I had to point out that my head is actually not my head 😉 and I forgot who gave me the title, but thanks to that person too! I’m just giving shot-outs.. Haha. Okay, so for the back cover, I decided to make the ‘breathe’ picture blend in.  And for my front cover, I wanted it to look like as if I am walking that thousand miles.. AMAZING right!? But the songs that I have basically describes me..or my life actually. So hope you like it!

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