Bee the stairs…

Posted on 07/10/2009


Town & Country 37—->Town-&-Country-37-1

Introducing..the stairs! For this assignment, we had to take out the piece of wood on top stairs. Also, we had to take out the garbage and other stuff on the first floor. After that, we had to change the color so it seems as if the picture is newer.. Editing this picture was kind of hard.. Took me some days to finish and you probably noticed that it took me a while to put this up.. But that’s A okay 🙂

Insect 042 —-> Insect-042

Give me a bee! Give me an A! Bee bee aggressive! So for this picture, we had to take out a couple of bees and replace them with honeycombs by cloning it. Also, we had to put a text saying “THE DIGITAL SAFARI PRESENTS, The Buzz of Bees, from the flower to the hive”. It was an okay process, not really a fan of cloning yet..

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