Photoshop Quiz

Posted on 28/09/2009




Okay, so our first quiz/test? I’M BAD BAD BAD. I’m not really good at photoshop-ing images..yet! I say yet! I’ll get better, don’t you worry. And hey, it’s just my first year.. But anyways or anyway, according to Ms. Pratt, ahha. I just love mentioning people or giving shot-outs. Okay now let’s explain my work righhht ova huur.. Uhm, so what we had to do for this one is to put all the images (town+boat+moon) altogether and make it look like it’s real! Ut oh, now how is that possible!? Well first of all, I started out by having the boat as the background and then I copied the town and pasted it onto the boat background.. then, did some erasing and showing some mountains and trees.. Did you notice that it looks like it’s summerish at that one town picture and all of a sudden snows on the mountains! Like SAY WHAT NOW!! Maybe some cloning, blending, etc. I forgot, lol. But last but not the least, the moon! So for the finale picture, it looks very cold there now! Surrounded by the water and some snow.. Plus it’s probably dark. Oh! And the boat kind of made it look cooler because it made it stand out. FANTABULOUS!

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