My first photoshop work =)

Posted on 17/09/2009



Alrighty, so for this picture as you can see some ladies trying to be some wedding dress.. HAAAY, I love weddings, so cute and lovely. But this assignment was fun! I love adding some colors to them and make them look more alive and happy 🙂 so basically, we just had to go to the Hue & Saturation section and pick out the color we want.

Ranch-House1 Ranch-House

Now for this one, basically the same as the top one. So now the picture looks like it’s from this year not like 70 years ago! Haha just kidding!  But doesn’t it look more prettyful!? =)

old_typewriter1 old_typewriter

Mr. Typewriter.. You see his wedding ring? He’s married! Sorry for pointing out the weirdest and randomest thing but I wanted to so deal with it!! 🙂 Same step, blah blah blah. Equals to TA DA!

model1 00048301 ModelAmsterdam

So now this lady is a lady friend of mines.. I met her at the Adobe Photoshop on Mac Street. Isn’t she just prettyful!? Specially with a pink polo! Okay, so first, we had to get Ms. Lady out of the woods and whatnot background image cause she seemed bored there.. And then, I thought to myself..oh hey! Wouldn’t you just love it if you were in Amsterdam!? Wouldn’t you!? Cause I certainly woooood! So then, I took Ms. Bored over there and put her on the Amsterdam picture.. We kind of had to crop her out of the first picture and put her to the beautiful background.. This was an okay assignment..

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