Multimedia day 10

Posted on 15/09/2009


Hi vloggers, this is my first blog. I have no clue what I should put here so I decide to just put any thought that comes in to my mind. Oh, I forgot to mention that my brain isn’t working as good today. I didn’t eat breakfast! So I was having a hard time during this one buddy test.. Are you yawning yet? Anyway, I want some mexican food right now, will you give me some? You know what I dislike.. Getting a bunch of homework everyday! BOOHOO! But let’s see what happened so far today in school, I got here at 6:50 AM, I am estimating. You may wonder why, because I have leadership. During leadership, I was being very active and posted a lot of signs. By the way, Clubs Council Meeting tomorrow! If you’d like to be in a club you need to go to the meeting tomorrow at lunch. A way to advertise, eh? Anywhoo, went to first period, nothing interesting. Second period, did some lab with some nasty smelling chemicals. Omgosh, I just found out that we were suppose to write about this class. Shows how much I’m not paying attention. But, I think this class is great. John is cool. Sure why not. Just kidding he’s not, I was just told to put his name on here. And I’m excited to learn a lot of new things. Okay, the end!

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